Setting up the game before using DPS HELPER

- DPS Helper can work in both windowed and windowed (full screen) game modes. The quality of the graphics, the position of the spell bars, etc. does not affect the operation of the program in any way, however, it is extremely important that you have set the standard values of contrast (50), brightness (50) and gamma (1.0), and the scale of the interface has not been changed. You can set the default values by clicking on the "Recommended" button in the Settings - Advanced menu.

DPS HELPER settings

- when you start DPS Helper for the first time, the program will ask you to specify the location of the game folder, and you need to select the folder where is WoW installed.

Important: The first launch, as well as the selection of the folder with the game, must be done when WOW is NOT running. If you performed the above actions while the game is running, then after selecting the folder with the game, you must restart the game.

- after specifying the folder with the game, DPS Helper will install the addon with a random name which is necessary for work, this name will be displayed in a separate window. Do not disable or uninstall this addon.

- the view of the main window of DPS Helper is shown below using the example of a DPS helper for Unholy DK:

- Assigning buttons to spells specified in the program are located in your game. Only English letters, numbers, F1 ... F12 buttons and combinations of buttons can be used. Punctuation marks, brackets, quotation marks, and also letters of the Russian alphabet cannot be used. If your abilities are on the F1, F2, etc. buttons, then you need to enter f1, f2, etc. in the assigning fields of the program. If your ability bound to key combinations, then you need to enter the first letters from each of the modifier buttons, as well as the button itself with which the modifier buttons are used - c1 (Ctrl + 1), cs2 (Ctrl + Shift + 2), casf3 (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F3) etc.

- After clicking on the "Start" button, DPS Helper makes the necessary settings for the game and reloads its interface.

- After rebooting the interface, DPS Helper is in ready mode - you can safely join the battle and DPS Helper will fight for you. You just have to run your character and aim at the necessary targets.

ATTENTION!!! DPS Helper uses spells by pressing the assigned buttons on the keyboard, so if you want to write something to the chat, you must first pause DPS Helper. Read how to do this below.

ATTENTION!!! Filling in all DPS Helper fields marked with a blue glow is required. It is allowed not to fill in only the fields marked with a green glow and fields with question marks.

DPS HELPER settings for Healers

When using the program to heal, you can use the program both in manual mode and in automatic target selection mode.

For automatic mode, you need to create a macro in the game: /target focustarget and move it to the panel, assign key or key combination to it and write this combination to FT field in DPS helper:

You should set the settings for selecting group members to the default settings - pressing F1 should target your character, F2 - the first group member, F3 - the second, F4 - the third and F5 - the fourth:

Also, you should focus (RMB on the portrait - Focus target) of the group member whose target the program will have to attack in situations where heal is not necessary.

If you want to select targets manually, then the FT field in the program should be left blank.

why do we need additional buttons?

In the working process, DPS Helper track "ready to use" status of character's abilities and uses them when they are ready. In this case, often you need to use an ability that is not in the program's list. However, due to the high responsiveness of DPS Helper, you do not have time to press the desired button before the program presses its own.

To solve this problem, we introduced Additional buttons. When you press the Additional button on the KEYBOARD manually, the DPS Helper switches it to the priority mode and presses it after the expiration of the nearest GCD and then continues its standard cycle.

The required Additional buttons should be entered in the field under the question marks, they must be entered through a semicolon. For example, if you want to make additional buttons "0", "Ctrl + 2" and "Alt + f4", you need to enter in the field "0; c2; af4" (enter without quotes).


To pause DPS Helper, press the Pause key (the button on the keyboard above the Page Up button). Press Pause again to unpause. You can set your own button for arming /disarming the program by clicking on the Settings button in the lower right corner of the program.


After first launch on your computer, DPS helper will automatically give you a free trial code for 1 day of fully functional use, so you can try it and decide if u need it or not . After the expiration of the trial period, further work of the program will become impossible and upon launching the program will display the window shown below.

To activate the purchased code click on the Enter code button in the program window.

Enter the purchased code in the appropriate field and click "Apply". Restart DPS Helper.

Please note that DPS Helper binds to your computer, i.e. after activating the program on one computer, you will no longer be able to activate it on another - you will need a different code.

Save the purchased code before reinstalling Windows.

Possible problems and solutions

There may be several reasons why DPS Helper may not work:- the upper left corner is closed by some addons - remove the addon frames that cover the upper left corner, or disable the corresponding addons if their frames cannot be moved to another place;- the program add-on is disabled or is out of date - check that the program add-on is enabled in the list of modifications in the game. If the game marks it as "Out of date", then check the "Load out of date addons" box. The name of the add-on for each user is randomly generated and is a random set of letters of the English alphabet, the program displays it after selecting the folder with the game after the first launch;

- changed settings for contrast, brightness or gamma - to restore default settings Click on the "Recommended" button in the Settings - Advanced menu.- in DPS Helper not all buttons are registered under the abilities that have a blue glow (it is not necessary to fill in the question marks);- if you have TeamViewer installed, then it can block the sending of button presses by the program to the game, try disabling it;- quite often, but not always, a failure is observed when the interface scaling is enabled, as well as in the presence of the X-Perl add-on and its analogues - try to disable them.

If, after turning on DPS Helper, the picture starts to shake in the game:- enable Vertical sync (Settings - General - Vertical sync) and Triple buffering (Settings - Advanced - Triple buffering) in the game settings.

ATTENTION!!! For the program to work, you must have Net Framework 4 installed.

If you still have questions, please contact support at